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Baoding Baina Wire Mesh Manufacture Co.,ltd. is factory with own sale team and production team. It is specializing in producing chainmail scrubber and its material of rings for over three years.Baoding Baina Wire Mesh Manufacture Co.,ltd located in Baoding Hebei near the town of wire mesh Anping.We are one of the first manufacturers in stainless steel chainmail scrubber.
The stainless steel pot chainmail scrubber is used in cast iron, woks, casseroles and stainless steel cookware cleaning.

Makes Cast Iron Cookware Cleanup Quick and Easy
Manufactured with 316 grade and 304 stainless steel - the highest food service grade stainless steel
Lifetime Replacement Guarantee
For cast iron, woks, casseroles, stainless steel cookware, etc
Cleaning cast iron cookware is safe, fast and easy. Well seasoned cast iron pans will now stay seasoned.
FAST - Just run your pan under warm water and scrub. Cooked on residue will release quickly and easily. The best time to clean cast iron pans is shortly after cooking when they are just warm to the touch.
CLEAN - Cleans up fast with a little soapy water or just toss it in the dishwasher. The Scrubber keeps that stainless steel shine!
EASY - The toughest mess will clean up easy - even after cooking pork chops and leaving the pan overnight - we know, it happens at our house all the time!
SAVE YOUR HARD EARNED CAST IRON PAN SEASONING - You work hard to get your cast iron pans perfectly seasoned. Don't risk losing your pan seasoning with detergents or scraping your pans with metal utensils. The Scrubber does the job with just warm water. And the patented chainmail design means that only the round ring edges touch the pan.
HANG TO DRY - Customers love the big corner ring. It helps the hold while your cleaning and then just hang the scrubber to air dry.